In Plant 3D, Orthographical Drawings are 2D representations of the Plant 3D models that include the intelligent data within the source file. These drawings are made up of multiple Orthographic Views that display plans, elevations, sections and details which can then be annotated using the source data to create the construction documents. These Orthographic Views are created using the Ortho Cube in an Orthographic View Selection drawing. Understanding how to use these tools to create custom views, as well as advanced techniques for rotating views and the removal of unwanted objects in a view, can help improve project accuracy, clarity and efficiency.

This webcast will highlight the process of creating Orthographic Views within a Plant 3D project. Topics will include:

  • The Orthographic View Selection drawing and the OrthoTemp.dwt
  • Creating Plans with the Ortho Cube
  • Using the Ortho Cube Library
  • Creating Elevations, Section Cuts and Offset Sections
  • Creating Adjacent Views
  • Rotating Ortho Views and Advanced Cube Techniques