Design Files – Automated Publishing and Connecting the Design Chain

Accurate engineering data is critical for any manufacturing company. Almost every engineering team that uses Vault to create drawings needs to produce a PDF, STEP, or other neutral file drawings format to share with purchasing, the shop floor, and external organizations.   

However, many manufacturing companies continue to create hundreds to thousands of neutral files every month manually. This approach can lead to costly errors in addition to being tedious for highly paid designers and engineers.  

The “New Normal” has also created a need to share these neutral files to vendors, customers, team members. As part of these tools, this can be automated as well.

This webinar will show you how to easily solve this issue with our software and service offering designed to automate publishing. 

Topics to be covered include: 

  • Using Vault Job Processor for automating document publishing 
  • Using Vault lifecycles to trigger publishing jobs 
  • Demonstration PDF and STEP file creation and export to multiple locations
  • Routing and sharing Neutral files to Cloud Portals for consumption by others