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Autodesk Inventor CAM - A Close Look at 4-Axis Machining

Join us as we use Autodesk® Inventor® CAM to explore a variety of 4-axis machining operations. In addition to rotary machining techniques, we will also present different modeling design concepts that can impact your machining operations. 

In this webcast we cover:

  • Design considerations for 3-Axis machining
  • Design considerations for 4-Axis machining
  • Properly using the Inventor Emboss Command
  • Technique to use an Inventor Toolbody in the sweep command
  • Using the Wrap Toolpath & Wrap Cylinder in Inventor CAM
  • How to avoid surprises when the machined part does not match the Inventor model
  • Much more!
Autodesk Inventor CAM - A Close Look at 4-Axis Machining
Date: Thursday, December 2, 2021
Start Time: 11:00 a.m. CT (12ET/9PT)
Length: 1 hour
Location: Online
Presenter: Clayton Pepmiller, Solutions Engineer - MFG, Hagerman & Company