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Building Information Modeling is a way to design, construct, and operate buildings that involves creating and using intelligent 3D models. Building professionals recognize that BIM can alleviate many of the business challenges they face by facilitating more effective collaboration and providing greater project insight earlier in the design and construction process. BIM can also provide firms with a significant competitive advantage along with other substantial and long-lasting benefits.

But what’s the best way to make sure your firm is getting full value from its BIM investment?

While BIM is a process and not software, and the shift from CAD to BIM involves changes that go beyond a simple software upgrade, the BIM software package you select can make all the difference in the benefits you realize. The Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Collection from Autodesk a powerful portfolio of BIM tools that extends the power of BIM through interoperable software and services. Simply stated, Autodesk BIM gives you the power to do more.

See the top five ways the AEC Collection maximizes your BIM investment.  Download our eBook today.


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