AutoCAD Electrical comes with an extensive catalog database and library of symbols & manufacturer footprints commonly used in the industry. However, it is not all-inclusive for every available component. Many manufacturers are not included out of the box and the included manufacturers are frequently updating and adding to their product lines. For this reason, it becomes necessary for users to add custom content to AutoCAD Electrical.

In AutoCAD Electrical, there are five areas of the software that need to be addressed when customizing the content: Catalogs, Symbols, Footprints, Footprint Lookup and the Icon Menu. This webcast will highlight the process for creating custom content and related data using AutoCAD Electrical.

Topics will include:

  • Catalog Data
    • Creating New Family Codes
    • Using A Secondary Catalog
    • Creating and Modifying Data
  • Using The Symbol Builder:
    • User Defined Templates
    • Creating Schematic Symbols
    • Creating Footprints
  • Using The Footprint Database File Editor
  • Using The Icon Menu Wizard