This presentation will focus on exploring the enhancements and changes to the BIM 360 platform, Document Management and Design collaboration features.

Autodesk is working on unifying the tools available in the Project files and Plan folder and we will look at some of the tools now available for the Project file folders.

We will also discuss Account and Project Administration improvements and new features for the BIM 360 Project Team members in the web viewer session.

Topics to be covered:

  • Account Admin

-Expanded list of Roles and the ability to create custom roles

  • Project Administration

-BIM 360 Docs General- Consuming a license of BIM 360 vs assigning a license of BIM 360

-Issues Service: Expanded list of issues as well as ability to create new issue types

-Document management Service

-Design Collaboration service 

  • Document Management Module

-BIM 360 Place Me Navigation

-Document Viewer control enhancements

  • Project Home Module: Project Landing Page

  • Mobile Apps: Overview