Piping Connection Settings can be found in the Project Setup of Plant 3D but are generally overlooked. However, these settings control the behavior between pipes, nozzles, valves, and many other components used in a 3D Piping Model by maintaining continuity between the connected components such as diameter, pressure class, facing and other selected class properties. Most connection types are included out-of-the-box, but they can be modified to fit unique project requirements or even personal preferences. New types of joints can also be created and setup to work with custom catalog components that require an end type that is not included in the software.

This webcast will highlight the process for managing and creating various types of Joints in the Piping Connection Settings within a Plant 3D project. Topics will include:

  • Overview of Simple and Compound Joints.
  • Modifying Pipe Connection Settings.
  • Creating Custom End Types (Endcodes).
  • Creating Custom Simple and Compound Joints.
  • Piping Connection Settings for Pipe Segments, Weld Gaps, Weld Dots & Wafer Bolts.