Do the different departments within your campus facilities organization retain their own drawings and documents, frequently limiting access to only those within that department or even to only one person within their email box? Are they each keeping their own silos of information?  Does coordination and communication happen too late; only after decisions have negatively impacted other groups due to lack of access to information? Operating in this manner can impact more than just budgets and schedules.  Working in informational silos can produce inferior outcomes; making it more difficult to maintain and operate the campus and creating an “Us versus Them” mentality between departments and individuals.  Join us and learn how creating and maintaining an effective document management strategy can alleviate many of the stresses caused by these silos of information. 

Topics to be covered:

  • How to break down silos within Facilities Management and campus-wide so everyone can benefit from the Campus, Building, Asset, Business Process and Project Documentation.

  • The importance of creating a single point of truth for documents & drawings with one central repository while leveraging other applications such as IWMS, Project Management, CMMS, GIS & CAFM.

  • Building, maintaining, and operating the business case. Why document management should be a part of your FM organization’s overall digital strategy, including valuable lessons learned on what works well, and what does not work well.