Dynamo is a brilliant tool that comes with your Revit software.  This presentation will give a brief overview of what it is and a deeper look at what you can do with it and how you can use it.  Some of the things we will demonstrate are code-driven design modeling, pulling data from Excel, and pushing it into Revit, as well as how to make it simple and easy for the average Revit user via the Dynamo Player.  Dynamo has something to offer users of all levels and abilities. Whether you need to run a script from time to time, identify as a hacker and prefer to automate everything, or just want to see what Dynamo can do, this live webcast is for you.  

Some topics we will cover include (Time Permitting):

  • Adaptive Components (Structural)
  • Room Area Compliance (Space Planning)
  • DynaMaps
  • Sheet List from Excel
  • Batch Upgrade
  • String to Upper
  • Dynamo Player (Click and Run)
  • Dynamo Player (User Input required)
  • XY and maybe Z grid
  • Random Trees