You just spent days or weeks carefully refining the design for your latest project.  Now comes the best part: clicking Open, then Save Copy As, then PDF.  Not just once, but dozens - maybe hundreds - of times.  Perhaps you have a list somewhere, and you cross each drawing off the list as you convert them.  Maybe you don’t, and you try not to remember what happened the last time you missed one.  Meanwhile, the next project is still in the queue, waiting to get started.

It doesn’t have to be this way – and it shouldn’t be this way.  If you have Autodesk Vault Workgroup or Professional, the publish of PDF, DXF, and even more specialized non-CAD file formats can be published automatically, as part of your standard document workflow.  Join us for a brief webcast as we discuss both the benefits and the importance of automating the publish of your Engineering deliverables.  Topics will include:

  • The pros and cons of automating the publish of Engineering deliverables
  • The importance of automating the publish process
  • Why your past auto-publish efforts may have been unsuccessful
  • How Hagerman can make auto-publish of PDF and DXF documents in your environment a reality