With Plant 3D, you can create isometric drawings based on your 3D models. Out of the box, the isometric functionality is very robust and impressive. However, like most features in Plant 3D, you may want to tweak it to match your company standards and personal preferences. Many of these changes can occur within the Isometric DWG Settings of the Project Setup, but not all. For those more advanced customizations, you must modify the isoconfig.xml file and enter a world of schemes, themes and brackety things. You can fine-tune and configure the isometrics in a more detailed manner than you might have thought possible.

This webcast picks up where our Isometric Title Block Configuration webcast ended and will highlight Advanced Configuration of Plant 3D Isometrics within the isoconfig.xml file. All examples are the direct result of support cases, training questions and webcast surveys that have been encountered and requested by end-users of Plant 3D. Topics will include:

  • An Overview of the IsoConfig.xml Structure
    • Themes, Data, Groups and Aggregated Lists
    • Annotation Styles and Annotation Schemes
  • Examples Addressed In Webinar:
    • Advanced Formatting of Isometric File Names and Drawing Name (DWGNAME)
    • Changing Fonts To Line Numbers Without Effecting Other Annotations
    • Adding Instruments to BOM’s And Balloon’s To Instruments
    • Modifying Insulation And Tracing Annotation
    • Calculated Properties Manager (PlantDefineCalcProperties)
    • Additional Examples Will Be Addressed As Necessary