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Optimizing EDM and Drawing Management For Utilities

We stand on the brink of a fascinating future, where new technologies can give us the means to perform at levels of excellence and service undreamt of in previous decades. It is also a riskier future, where the potential for largescale disasters, whether natural or man-made, perpetually loom on the horizon. For utilities, the next decade will bring an increasing need
for improvements in Engineering Document Management (EDM) and Drawings Management, both for the sake of improving efficiencies and for
improving Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) processes.

Being able to comply with regulations such as the CIP Reliability Standards for the security of critical assets is an easier task with the right systems in place. Having an efficient platform for managing engineering documents and drawings is a cornerstone of a safer, more efficient future for utilities.

We believe that those who take the time to watch, to plan, and to build the right frameworks for the future of their engineering documents and drawings and related data will be the ones who manage risk and operate the most safely, successfully, and profitably. The time to plan for what’s coming in the 2020s is right now.

In this e-book we’ll take a look at today’s pain points and show how some of our utilities customers have implemented an Accruent Meridian Engineering Document Management (EDM) and Drawing Management system for enhanced management of engineering documents and drawings, providing improved safety, compliance, and controlled file access, among other benefits.